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Senior Dog Care

We understand how it can sometimes be difficult to leave our pets alone for prolonged periods of time as they become elderly. Whether it just be during a long work day or a week long trip, having someone come and visit them in the comfort of their own home can be very beneficial to them. 



There can be lots of potential challenges that come with age such as mobility problems, anxiety, medications, loss of sight and hearing, etc. We have lots of experience caring for pets with all of these issues, including pets of our own. We both have such a passion for caring for senior and special needs pets, and we always want to keep them relaxed and comfortable. Our pets are all so special to us and have filled our lives with so much joy! That is why it's so important for us to be there for them, especially in their older years, and do everything we can to make them as happy as they make us! 


Older dogs often require more frequent trips outside to do their business. Even if they can hold it the whole day, they might not be comfortable doing so for prolonged periods of time.


Even though an older dog may not require lots of exercise or want to play, it is still very important that they get a chance to stretch their legs or spend time outdoors. Even if they have mobility issues such as arthritis, it can be very beneficial for them to get up and stretch and maybe even go for a short walk. 


Even for the less active pets, just having someone come in and check on them during the day can lift their spirits and alleviate the stress of being alone all day and give them something to look forward to during the day. We love sitting with them and giving them pets and cuddles and we always do our best to try and get them to eat, drink, and help them outside to do their business.

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