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Kitten & Cat Care

It's not all about the dogs!  We absolutely love and adore our feline friends as well! We want to be sure that your cat will receive all of the love, attention, and exercise that they deserve while being in the comfort of their own home. Every cat is unique and different, which is why we provide customized care that suits you and your cat’s specific needs. If your cat is shy and hides, that's ok! We will give them their space, and still check on them.  And if your cat loves to play, we always have such a great time playing too! And for the kitties that prefer to relax and be petted and cuddled, we are more than happy to sit with them and give them lots of love and attention. We will feed, give treats, fresh water, scoop litter boxes, and administer medications if needed, each time we visit.

  • Cat Drop-In (30 min) - $20

  • Cat Drop-In (45 min) -$28

  • Cat Drop-In (1 hr) - $35

         ($1 per additional cat)

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